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Maxim Kosher Restaurant

Maxim Restaurant is one of the oldest establishments .
We are one of the best Kosher Restaurants in Golders Green Road London, and all our dishes is Glatt Kosher prepared and supervised to the highest standards. We go to a great length to make sure that all our products is cooked and prepared by our own top chefs. Our deep rooted Jewish traditions guide us in all our endeavors to provide a fulfilling and joyful experiences to everybody associated with us.
Maxim restaurant is offering a delicious and a big variety of mixed dishes specialising in Pastas, Sandwiches, Salad's, Quiches and a big selection of fish,Pizza, Vegeterian dishes, Oriental dishes, and a large selection of Desserts. The environment in our restaurant is being built to give our customers an atmosphere of calm and relaxing aura to make your outing special.
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At Maxim we serve Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and offer European cuisine featuring heritage family favourites. Enjoy contemporary dishes and Jewish classics whilst immersing yourself in the carefully curated comfort and splendour of the dining room.
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We are rated offering highest level of Kosher food
Our restaurant is under supervision union of orthodox Hebrew Congregations.
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Sheva Brachot Party Bookings

There life has just began. That seven days is always special for a couple. In a wedding it is not just the bride and groom that wed; it is both families. You found the perfect match for each other.
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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Bookings

The bar or bat mitzvah celebration is a vitally important aspect of Jewish tradition and culture. Maxim is providing the Best catering services and other amenities for this most significant events in the Jewish faith.
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Kosher Healthy Foods

Maxim restaurant offer Kosher dishes which are fine and one of the best and all our food is prepared by our own Top Chef's with quality ingredients, supervised to the highest standards.
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